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    Following is a partial list of Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish terms used on this web site. I have attempted to provide pronunciations for most of these terms.

    Some of the pronunciations may not be strictly, technically correct, but they are the way I usually hear the terms pronounced.

    Although the Holocaust is the best-known example of antisemitism, it is only the latest in a long and tragic history of expulsions, forced conversions, limitations of civil and political rights, lies and slanders such as the infamous Blood Libel and mass murders like the Russian pogroms and the mob violence incidental to the Crusades. I have made a conscious decision not to cover these subjects on this site, because this site is about Jews and Judaism and I refuse to let my people be defined by what others have done to us. A type of sacrifice used to atone for sins of stealing things from the altar, for when you are not sure whether you have committed a sin or what sin you have committed, or for breach of trust.

    The English translation of aron kodesh, lit., holy chest. The word has no connection with Noah's Ark, which is "teyvat" in Hebrew. Jews from eastern France, Germany and Eastern Europe, and their descendants, who are culturally different from Jews with origins in other parts of the world. Historically, Ashkenazic Jews pronounced some Hebrew sounds differently than Sephardic Jews.

    Each year has 12 or 13 months, to keep it in sync with the solar year. An eight day holiday celebrating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was defiled by the Seleucid Greeks. A unit of time used in calculating the Jewish calendar, corresponding to 3-1/3 seconds, more commonly referred to in English as a "part." There are 18 parts in a minute and 1080 parts in an hour.

    See Jewish Calendar; The Jewish Calendar: A Closer Look; Current Calendar; Jewish Holidays. See The Jewish Calendar: A Closer Look - Calendar Essentials.

    For more than one child, it is referred to as a B'nai Mitzvah (children of the commandment). Also, a ceremony marking the fact that a girl has achieved this age.

    Judaism teaches that G-d gave the Jews 613 commandments, not merely ten.

    The biblical passage known to most people as the "Ten Commandments" is known to Jews as the Aseret ha-Dibrot, the Ten Declarations, and is considered to be ten categories of commandments rather than ten individual commandments. Founder of the priesthood, and the first Kohein Gadol (High Priest).

    Today, most Jews do not object to baby showers, but you should be guided by the wishes of the parents in these matters. A boy who has achieved the age of 13 and is consequently obligated to observe the commandments.

    A letter from British foreign secretary Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild expressing the British government's commitment to creating a Jewish state in Palestine. Rabbi Akiba believed he was the Mashiach (Messiah). Also, a ceremony marking the fact that a boy has achieved this age.

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